The cover to Metropolis: A Novel, by Monte Shulz. The cover has the title and author's name in yellow over a painted background consisting of flowers and grapes surrounding what appears to be a tall vase. Two small men in tight pants appear ready to box one another, while a third, naked except for a leaf, looks at them.
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Monte Schulz


On sale date: August 23, 2022

Metropolis, the sixth prose fiction novel by Monte Schulz, is a dystopian narrative of love in a time of war and moral disintegration.

Regency College senior Julian Brehm's uneventful student life is derailed when he falls for Nina Rinaldi, a beautiful young revolutionary engaged in political activism against the authoritarian regime that rules the country and wages a deceitful, distracting war. Julian's love for — and moral alliance to — Nina eventually leads him into a vast undercity beneath the metropolis. Then, east by train and into the war zone itself, where mortal danger in that expanding cemetery of millions threatens Julian's life; what he witnesses will alter how he perceives the Republic and ultimately his fate within it.

Julian's adventure can be seen as our own, a world of vacillating morality and unceasing violence. Apathy and passion. Fear and courage of purpose. Julian's is a hero's journey into the dark unknown. A love story, which extends in many directions. A war novel of incredible scope and horror. A suspenseful mystery novel with a moral puzzle at its core. And a coming-of-age tale of a young man seeing the world he was born into, more dangerous and more beautiful than he could have ever imagined. Metropolis is a meditation on the meaning of virtue and goodness in the face of the most monstrous crimes. It could just as easily be the story of us.


"Eloquent, engaging, thoughtful and thought-provoking, Metropolis showcases author Monte Schulz's impressive skills as a novelist and storyteller. A modern masterpiece of literary fiction..." — Midwest Book Review


7.3" × 9.4"