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Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The Greatest Adventures
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Merrill De Maris, Walt Disney, Floyd Gottfredson, Bill Walsh

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The Greatest Adventures

On sale date: November 20, 2018

Celebrate Mickey Mouse's anniversary with the "Greatest Hits" of his comic strip adventures.

In his earliest incarnations, Mickey Mouse wasn't just an animation star—he was a death-defying, crime-stopping, newspaper strip hero! See Mickey race Pegleg Pete to a Wild West gold mine, battle the evil Rhyming Man for an atom-smashing machine, and stop a horrible hypnotist from hexing half of Mouseton. Fan-favorite stories "Mickey Mouse in Death Valley" and "The Gleam" have been recolored and re-formatted: plus, other great tales!

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse: The Greatest Adventures is part of the The Complete Floyd Gottfredson Library series.


full-color illustrations throughout.
7.3" × 11.1"