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Drew Friedman

More Old Jewish Comedians

On sale date: April 17, 2008

They're back and they have liver spots!

This comical collection of of Jewish comedian portraiture is a sequel to 2006's wildly successful Old Jewish Comedians, which earned Friedman raves from Jerry Lewis, Howard Stern, The Believer, Entertainment Weekly and many more, and earned Friedman his own roast at New York's legendary Friar's Club. This all-new collection includes the famous (Woody Allen, Carl Reiner, Joan Rivers, Mel Brooks, Soupy Sales, etc.), the not-so-famous (Jerry Stiller, Zeppo & Gummo Marx, Larry Storch, Zero Mostel, etc.) and the largely unknown (Molly Picon, Herbie Faye, Jan Milton, etc.). The Reuben Award-winning Friedman, one of the great caricaturists of his age, presents a thorough visual history of the 20th Century's greatest Borscht-Belt comedians through 28 full-page portraits; every crease, mustache hair, and liver spot looks utterly real. As Booklist put it after the first OJC, "If only we were all funny enough to get Friedman to draw us!"

Featuring an introduction by Larry Gelbart, the legendary creative force behind the M*A*S*H TV series and contributing writer to The Huffington Post.

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"This brilliant artist mixes the weather-beaten, liver-spotted visage, for all its wrinkles, rumples, moles, and folds of flesh, with the wattage of actual stardom." — ComicBook Bin

"Beautifully repulsive, with wrinkles, folds, sweat beads and liver spots that seem like revelations from your new high-definition TV pulling in big-pored images broadcast from a nightmare studio." — Seattle Times

"Some are famous (Woody Allen, Joan Rivers), while some never made it out of the clubs. All of them are depicted with both love and horror--those comb-overs, those liver-spots." — Roger Sabin - The Observer

"If there is one current artist who deserves more serious attention from the world, it is Drew Friedman… while Friedman might well want you to laugh at his interpretations, he probably wants you to cry simultaneously." — John E. Mitchell - The Transcript


Black and white
10.3" × 10.3"