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Dave Cooper


On sale date: March 20, 2018

Cult cartoonist Dave Cooper returns to comics with this suite of stories about brain-damaged Amazons, black shiny eels, and much more.

This is the first new graphic novel by fan favorite Dave Cooper in more than 15 years. Eddy Table, the star of Mudbite, first appeared in Cooper’s award-winning underground comics series, Weasel. Mudbite compiles two all-new Eddy Table stories, "Mud River" and "Bug Bite," in which Eddy acts as Dave’s alter ego. In "Mud River," Eddy makes a foolish mistake, causing a sweet, innocent Amazon to bonk her head, turning her into a very impressionable automaton. In "Bug Bite," Eddy has brought his family on a vacation to Europe, but he’s soon distracted by a series of manifestations of his own obsessions — voluptuous women, mysterious and collectible "microdevices," and a strange, impromptu jam session.


"Dave Cooper: Canadian. Artist. Perverse, naive, crepuscular and obsessively texture-driven. Brilliant." — Guillermo Del Toro

"Whenever Dave Cooper publishes a new book, I would be surprised if 90 percent of the other artists working in the comics field aren't embarrassed and intimidated by his imagination, originality, and drawing ability." — Geof Darrow

"Combining influences from classic animation and ­Robert Crumb, these pages are as beautiful to behold as they are troublingly intense and dreamlike." — Library Journal Starred Review


12.1" × 7.7"