The cover to My Fairy Godfather by Robert Mailer Anderson and Jon Sack. The cover illustration features the title in a font reminiscent of an old Hollywood poster. In the foreground, a man plays an organ while a oung woman leans against it and another man looks over the top from the other side. in the background is a red curtain, and what appears to be a movie screen showing a crying woman.
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Robert Mailer Anderson, Jon Sack

My Fairy Godfather

On sale date: May 21, 2024

Set in Liberal, Kansas, a teenager moves in with her gay, film geek Godfather and his partner who run the Starlite movie theater, a safe haven for their eccentricities and artistic yearnings. My Fairy Godfather tells a story about how music and film connect us to who we’ve loved, who we’ve been, and who we are becoming — and that lying beneath the façade of teenage cynicism is the profound desire to be understood and loved.


Paperback / Softback
Full color.
7.9" × 10.4"