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Spain Rodriguez, Patrick Rosenkranz

My Life & Times: Spain Vol. 3

On sale date: January 5, 2021

In this collection of autobiographical comics, underground cartoonist Spain Rodriguez shines a light on his most interesting subject: himself.

In My Life & Times, Spain turns his eye on himself to create his most candid, autobiographical comic stories, which draw on the pivotal moments of his formative years: cruising with teen pals and wild acquaintances; the Buffalo, New York, jazz clubs; close encounters with women and sexuality; and his growth as an artist. Through rarely seen paintings, a sampling of sketchbook pages, and dozens of stories, in addition to essays by historian Patrick Rosenkranz, My Life & Times explains how Spain went from a misguided youth to a high-profile denizen of San Francisco's Mission District to a community elder who attempted to bridge the gap between underground comix and the emerging Latino Art Movement — he was even included in the "Neighborhood Heroes" mural at the local middle school. This collection of comics from Zap, Blab!, Young Lust, Rip Off Comix, and The Comics Journal make for Spain's most personal contributions from his over six-decade career.

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"Hard-charging biker. Class warfare revolutionary. Pioneering underground cartoonist. Loving family man. That was Spain Rodriguez." — San Francisco Chronicle

"Spain Rodriguez is one of the true giants of the comics medium. He is a singular artist; his work is unmistakable." — Joe Sacco


Paperback / Softback
Black and white.
8" × 11.4"