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Cathy Malkasian

NoBody Likes You, Greta Grump

On sale date: February 23, 2021

In this middle grade graphic novel from the acclaimed animator/cartoonist, Greta and her friend (and pet tortoise!) must solve the mystery of Friendlytown.

Greta is a handful. She rips the heads off her dolls, lashes out at the other kids at her school, and tries her weary parents' patience. But with the help of a dapper tortoise named NoBody, Greta softens her grumpy ways. Having learned her lesson, Greta must now team up with her new friend Gabby and their shelled companion to solve a strange mystery: Why have the kindhearted denizens of Friendlytown suddenly become so mean? And what can they do to make Friendlytown friendly again? In NoBody Likes You, Greta Grump Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Cathy Malkasian conjures a fully-realized fantasy world cast with an array of colorful characters including tech whiz cats, ornery gopher librarians, and gangs of squirrels in matching sweater vests. Equal parts high-flying adventure and deeply felt allegory, this middle grade graphic novel is all heart.


"Greta Grump manages to feel fresh, addressing a range of issues such as adoption, immigration and even how food signifies difference. Stylishly and loosely drawn in color, the book gets philosophical when it acknowledges that treating people with kindness does not always make them nice to you." — The New York Times

"Malkasian combines dynamic storytelling with delightful illustrations to render big emotions in small spaces. You will smile until your cheeks hurt. You might even shed a few tears too." — CNMN Magazine

"Cathy Malkasian has written a very engaging graphic novel for the youngest of middle-grade readers. The artwork is great with lots of fun details in every frame. The characters are fully formed and quirky. Greta is irreverent and smart, and NoBody is the perfect foil for her. The story is fanciful and funny with a touch of fantasy. Emerging readers and reluctant readers will especially love this book." — Portland Book Review

"A clever and winsome fable. Its message about the importance of kindness is simple but profound." — No Flying No Tights

"NoBody Likes You, Greta, Grump is a beautiful, incredibly sweet graphic novel recommended to anyone in any age group, and especially for those looking to fall in love with new characters and tear up in the process." — Monkeys Fighting Robots


Paperback / Softback
6.1" × 8.1"