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Joshua W. Cotter

Nod Away Vol. 1

On sale date: February 15, 2016

In this sci-fi graphic novel, a woman seeks to develop a way to move the "innernet" (internal internet") hub from a human child to an electronic nexus.

Nod Away is set on a near-future version of earth. A deep space transport has been developed to take a small crew to an earth-like, habitable planet in a nearby system in an attempt to begin colonization/repopulation. The internet is now telepathic and referred to as the "innernet." When the hub is revealed to be a human child, Melody McCabe is hired to develop the new nexus on the second International Space Station. Working within the structure of sci-fi, Nod Away moves back and forth between physical and psychological worlds, utilizing traditional and abstract storytelling styles to explore what consciousness could be, where it could possibly be located, and what function or point it might serve.


"Cotter skillfully examines the homogenization of society. The artwork is clever and precise, reminiscent of R. Crumb's, and the realism helps heighten the tension as things begin to go very wrong." — Booklist

"Beautifully drawn, provocative, and remarkably intelligent, Nod Away is likely to be one of the most exciting ongoing sagas in comics for many, many years to come." — Solrad

"There is no one in comics like Josh Cotter. There are no comics in comics like Josh Cotter's. Josh is like a weird antenna picking up signals only he can hear and broadcasting out these stunning and beautiful waves of strangeness and delight. We are all better off for it, and for him." — Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals, Hawkeye, Casanova)

"Joshua Cotter's unique and exquisitely dense dystopian science fiction tale is a provocative commentary on our rapid technological progress and the abject effect it can have on humanity. Nod Away is filled with beautiful black and white line art and exceptional comic book storytelling. If you are a fan of great comics then neural-uplink to Cotter's data stream." — Farel Dalrymple (The Wrenchies)


Paperback / Softback
Black and white
7.8" × 10.3"