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John Cuneo

Not Waving But Drawing

On sale date: February 7, 2017

A Collection of Eerie and Disquieting Gag Illustrations from John Cuneo's Private Sketchbooks

You know John Cuneo from his award-winning illustrations that have graced the pages of Esquire or the covers of The New Yorker, but less known are the kinds of over-the-top and hilariously perverse cartoons that fill the pages of Not Waving But Drawing. Assembling Cuneo's best privately drawn sketchbook pages, each page immediately introduces us to unique takes on sex and domestic life in his signature squiggly style. Not Waving But Drawing is full of dark thoughts, lightly rendered.

Not Waving But Drawing is part of the Fantagraphics Underground imprint.
Our web store won't be receiving any more stock of Not Waving But Drawing, but you may be able to find it from a site like Indiebound or Bookshop, or at your local independent bookstore.


"John Cuneo looks with gentle open all-seeing eyes at the foibles, vanities and failings of humanity and draws what he sees. Like the best surrealists, he is a realist. His art is scabrous and loving and exact." — Neil Gaiman, American Gods

"John Cuneo is a force of nature … and you can take that any way you like. We see in this collection the daily inspiration, the flowing river of experimentation. His art walks along with him in every dream, bar, party, restaurant.The work extends and transcends; making you stare, laugh, and maybe blush. And love his brilliance all over again.Steve Brodner, illustrator, The New York Time" — Steve Brodner, illustrator, The New York Times

"Until I saw John Cuneo's erotic drawings, I had no idea just how artistically rewarding it could be to have your mind in the gutter." — Edward Sorel, illustrator, Vanity Fair

"John Cuneo's mind goes to weird, hilarious, and deeply offensive places. Thank God he decided to share it with us." — A.J. Jacobs, journalist, The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World

"Take a peek if you dare: Cuneo's line may always be supple and playful and his watercolors are always sensual, yet his wit is so sharp it effortlessly cuts through all the hypocrisy in politics and media. You're lucky with this book to get a sustained peek into the uncensored mind of a great artist." — Françoise Mouly, art editor, The New Yorker


Paperback / Softback
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