A graphic for the NOW: New Comics Anthology subscription, featuring the title and the words "Three Issue Subscription," as well as a large version of the NOW logo in orange, yellow, and white against a black background.
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NOW: The New Comics Anthology Subscription

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We live in a golden age of quality comic art and stories. Graphic novels have never been more popular. But where to start? NOW aspires to be an affordable anthology of contemporary comics that appeals both to the comics-curious as well as the serious aficionado. In the era of long form graphic novels, NOW also intends to provide a platform for short fiction, wherein creators can experiment with a range of styles and storytelling modes. The only common denominator to each piece is an exemplary use of the comics form. Fantagraphics is proud to present this showcase of all-new short comics fiction with a lineup of established and up-and-coming talent from around the globe.

NOW: The New Comics Anthology
is now available as a three-issue subscription package beginning with the next issue (issue #13) for residents of the United States. A subscription will charge you once every three years for three issues at a time until you cancel. Subscriptions are only available for domestic shipping—all other orders will be canceled and refunded.

NOW: The New Comics Anthology Subscription is part of the Now: The New Comics Anthology series.