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The Nuft and the Last Dragons, Volume 2 cover image, featuring the title in yellow over an illustration of several characters huddled in a tipped-over hot air balloon basket in the snow. Strong winds gust by them and they all look worried.
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Freddy Milton

Nuft and the Last Dragons, Volume 2: By Balloon to the North Pole

On sale date: April 26, 2022

Epic comics adventures quick-cooked in dragon fire: the Nufts are back! This time Nuft and Nicky take to the skies — and battle a mad graffiti artist — or do they?

For a clan of fire-breathing dragons, Nuft, Nicky, and Nellie fear that their family is sadly ordinary — until the discovery of Cousin Nilbert and his 1907 balloon trip: little-known but record-setting if true. Nuft and Nicky must recreate the voyage to prove it's possible… but they face deadly weather and a high-flying saboteur!

The Nufts' creator, Danish cartoonist Freddy Milton, is best-known for decades of beloved Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics adventures. Now you can soar skyward to meet Milton's self-created, sizzling hot stars!

And "By Balloon to the North Pole" is just the start! In "Animal Graffiti," Councilman Siegel forces Nuft to hunt down a mad street artist named Orva — never guessing it's Nuft himself in disguise! Then, "Nicky's Centennial" doesn't seem like a big deal — dragons are still kids at just 100 years old! — but Nuft's "better self" convinces him to fund the birthday party by taking up a life of crime!


"Few creators have emulated [Uncle Scrooge creator Carl Barks'] style as well as… Freddy Milton. So well that… when the Good Duck Artist was asked who he would like to meet during his European tour, Barks named one person: Milton." — Jamie McNeil - Slings and Arrows


Paperback / Softback
8.1" × 10.6"