cover to Ocultos by Laura Perez, featuring the title and cartoonist's name above an illustration of a young, pale woman with dark hair in front of what appears to be a cave entrance from the inside of the cave. Flowers and leaves grow from the mouth of the cave. Ants crawl on her face, and she holds a red, skull-like mask below her face.
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Laura Pérez, Translator: Andrea Rosenberg


On sale date: September 17, 2024

This entrancing collection of graphic short stories explores the occult forces that touch upon our everyday lives.

Within our visible world, there are hidden worlds full of unknown forces whose nature we cannot fathom. Ocultos swirls together a series of stories that form a bridge between our world to the next, where thoughts and dreams can bend and shape reality. A woman in therapy is haunted by disturbing visions; a lonely widower feels a presence wafting through her house; a little boy sees bright red lights flash across the night sky. Vivid dreams, poignant symbols, fleeting sensations — all clues that point to an understanding of what lies beyond.

Celebrated for her previous graphic novel, Totem, Spanish comics artist Laura Pérez presents another entrancing vision of magic and mystery. Artfully rendered in her signature wispy, atmospheric pencil lines punctuated by splashes of color, Ocultos is a spiritual, reflective work that will leave you spellbound.


"In this darkly charming collection, brief moments of mysticism and magical realism examine the ways magic shows up in our modern world. ... Pérez's style is distinctive and startlingly beautiful. " — Booklist


9.8" × 7"