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Gipi, Translator: Jamie Richards

One Story

On sale date: July 28, 2020

Dual graphic narratives by the acclaimed Italian cartoonist demonstrate how the choices our ancestors made dramatically affect generations to come.

Silvano Landi is a successful writer who, at the age of 50, sees his family leave him and his life fall apart. Landi's great-grandfather, Mauro, is an anxious soldier being fed to the maw of carnage in the First World War. Alternating between past and present, a psych ward and the bloody trenches, and told through complex clues — a lone gas station, an apathetic baroness, found love letters, and shifting from scratchy black-and-white to lush watercolors (sometimes on the same page), A Story documents the origins of pain that serve as the roots of a twisted family tree, and allows the reader to trace the branches.

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"Lunatic theories and secret histories intertwine for a gorgeous puzzle of a book that begs to be reread." — New York Times, Best Graphic Novels of 2020

"There is nothing about a work by Gipi that is ever simple or shallow, and his art is never anything less than sumptuous." — Comics Beat

"In this brief but haunting work, life itself is a battle whose greatest spoil is self-forgiveness." — Publishers Weekly

"Gipi's art adds to the proceedings a lyrical quality that transcends the page and goes straight to the heart." — Solrad

"Gipi's lines work together to convey deep emotion … Spend some time looking at these drawings. They are magic." — Paste


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