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Moto Hagio, Translator: Rachel Thorn

Otherworld Barbara Vol. 1

On sale date: August 9, 2016

In this classic science fiction thriller by one of the most influential manga writer-artists of all time, there are dream pilots, murderous cannibal nine-year-olds, and more.

Fantagraphics Books is proud to present the first volume (of two) of Moto Hagio's Otherworld Barbara, in which Tokio discovers a phantom island named Barbara. Then there's a mysterious and missing geneticist, an eccentric clergyman, a grieving grandmother granted temporary youth, a psychologist killed by a freak tornado… Hagio offers a sci-fi explanation for these seemingly random paranormal elements, and makes it all matter with believable characters in complex and subtle relationships.This book won the"Nebula Award of Japan" (Nihon SF Taisho Award) in 2006.


"A gripping, supernaturally infused sci-fi thriller. Hagio, one of the mothers of shojo and josei manga, is very much on her game, making this complex, exciting story a dream to read." — Booklist

"A binge-inducing treat; full of twists and turns that make it hooking and full of real and relatable sentiments that make it hard to forget." — Asian Movie Pulse

"Dream pilots explore the dreamworlds of others in this beautifully drawn sci-fi manga by one of Japan's most celebrated manga creators." — The Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog


black & white illustrations with some color.
7.4" × 9.9"