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Al Columbia

Pim & Francie: "The Golden Bear Days"

On sale date: November 30, 2009

Reprints the cult horror classic—the only collection of the acclaimed cartoonist Columbia's work to be published.

Collecting more than a decade's worth of excavations, comic strips, animation stills, storybook covers, and much more, this broken jigsaw puzzle of a graphic novel tells the story of Pim & Francie — childlike male and female imps — whose irresponsible antics get them into horrific, fantastic trouble. The brilliant, fairy tale-like backdrops hint at further layers of reality lurking under every gingerbread house or behind every sunny afternoon. Their loosely defined relationship only contributes to the existential fear that lingers underneath the various perils they are subjected to, which are threaded together by text and notes by the artist.

Our web store won't be receiving any more stock of Pim & Francie: "The Golden Bear Days", but you may be able to find it from a site like Indiebound or Bookshop, or at your local independent bookstore.


"[F]ascinating, especially for connoisseurs of pure cartooning." — Booklist

"The twisted narratives and characters are presented so deftly—with such humor and visual panache—that their wrongness becomes right; and thus is the singular charm of Al Columbia." — Molly Young - We Love You So

"Capable of rendering tight, stark, shudder-inducing figures, the horror-themed work of Al Columbia is some of the most ravenously fan awaited in the indie scene…disarmingly comfortable and sinister." — Rachel Molino - Wizard

"A lavishly produced portal into the fantastic and frightful world of Pim & Francie. This gorgeous grimoire is part alchemy, part art book, part storybook, part comic book, and part conceptual art from the pen of Al Columbia, a longtime fan favorite contributor to comics anthologies like Zero Zero, Blab!, and, more recently, MOME....Never have such colorful, imaginative vistas instilled such an atmosphere of dread, and with such a wicked sense of humor." — Graphic Novel Reporter

"Al decided to dredge up old ghosts, unfinished pieces, trifles he had thrown away then reconsidered and offered them up to us as proof that he hasn't forgotten us. This 240-page book has certainly filled in some gaps for me as to what goes on in Columbia's mind... There seems to be something both amazing and horrifying around every corner, in any dark space, in the thick of the forest, in the bulbous eyes of maniacal creatures and the straight realistic lines of buildings that all have a dark window somewhere... It is truly a viscous treat and I am sure this one will never wash off." — Rachael M. Rollson - Panel to Panel


Black and white
8.3" × 8.3"