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E. C. Segar, Rick Marschall

Popeye: "Plunder Island"

On sale date: December 22, 2009

Popeye's most legendary—and epic—adventure highlights this volume of our acclaimed series, pitting the intrepid sailor man against the malevolent Sea Hag and her terrifying, grotesque sidekick the Goon, aided (or hindered) by Wimpy.
With this fourth volume of our beloved series, Segar's Popeye reaches one of its highest peaks in "Plunder Island," the glorious, epic-length Sunday-continuity adventure that ran for eight months and pitted the intrepid sailor man against the malevolent Sea Hag and her terrifying, grotesque sidekick the Goon — helped, and sometimes hindered by, the easily corruptible J. Wellington Wimpy. "Plunder Island" is presented here for the first time in its complete, full-color, uncut glory! Meanwhile, in the "dailies" section of Popeye Volume 4, Popeye visits "Poodleburg" and gets involved in a quest for both "Romance and Riches." Other stories include "Unifruit" (featuring the return of King Blozo), the western epic "Black Valley" (with the unforgettable sight of Popeye in drag), "The Pool of Youth" (featuring the return of the Sea Hag... and her sister!); and the beginning of the extended six-month-long yarn "Popeye's Ark"! Comics historian Richard Marschall rounds off this volume with a long article on Segar's storytelling skills and narrative strategies, focusing in particular on the "Plunder Island" sequence. Rediscover an American treasure in this handsomely designed series to be enjoyed by comic fans of all ages. Popeye: "Plunder Island" is part of the Popeye series.
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"[T]he whole of this book is top-notch, Segar at his greatest. Includes a lengthy and hilarious sequence of Popeye in drag, romancing a baddie." — Robert Boyd - The Great God Pan Is Dead

"The books qualify as near-architectural marvels in their own right—towering, heavyweight packages with die-cut front-cover windows and an interior design that showcases numerous installments of the feature with each two-page spread... The Fantagraphics editions make plain Segar's mastery of grim suspense and biting humor as essential components of storytelling." — The Fort Worth Business Press

"These Popeye books are made with the kind of love and care and attention to detail that's rare in comics–it's clear that their publishers treat this material with reverence, and it makes it even more pleasurable to crack a new volume open each year." — Dustin Harbin - The HeroesOnline Blog


Color and black and white.
10.5" × 14.8"