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E. C. Segar, Mort Walker, Donald Phelps

Popeye: "Well Blow Me Down!"

On sale date: December 17, 2007

The second volume collecting the entirety of Segar's original Popeye (Thimble Theatre) covers 1930-1932 and introduces Segar's second greatest character: Wimpy, the most likeable lowdown cad ever to grace the comics page.
Fantagraphics's second volume (of six) of the acclaimed hit series collecting the entirety of E.C. Segar's original Popeye (a.k.a. Thimble Theatre) comic strips begins with a foreword by Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker and continues with an introduction by noted film and cartooning critic Donald Phelps. This second volume features work from 1930 to 1932, and most notably includes the debut of Segar's second greatest character: J. Wellington Wimpy. Wimpy stands as a one-of-a-kind icon some 70 years after his creation, the most likeable lowdown cad ever to grace the comics page. Popeye Vol. 2 includes the stories: "Clint Gore" (continued from the cliffhanger last volume); "A One-Way Bank," in which Popeye opens a bank that allows withdrawals but no deposits; an extended war story featuring King Blozo that begins with "The Great Rough-House War"; and "Skullyville," which wraps up the daily strips for this volume. A 2008 Eisner Award Nominee: Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Strips; a 2008 Harvey Award Nominee: Best Domestic Reprint Project. Popeye: "Well Blow Me Down!" is part of the Popeye series.
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Color and black and white.
10.5" × 14.8"