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Jerome Mulot, Olivier Schrauwen, Florent Ruppert, Translator: Jenna Allen

Portrait of a Drunk

On sale date: April 7, 2020

In this graphic novel, three cutting-edge, world-renowned cartoonists team up to tell a tale of an 18th-century pirate — one who's more gallows fodder than a Hollywood swashbuckler.

Guy is no master mariner, with a clipped red (or black) beard. He's just an ordinary member of the crew — able enough, but also a lazy, cowardly liar, a drunkard, and a thief. His story is told in two allegorical parts: "The Blowout" and "The Hangover." Three contemporary comics titans, Belgian Olivier Schrauwen (Parallel Lives) and the French duo Ruppert and Mulot (The Perineum Technique) collaborate to bring you the best pictorial and narrative elements of the great tales of the sea — bright colors, grand battles, gallows humor — in this tour de force of black comedy.


"Those wanting a visual tour de force and an exciting exercise in graphic storytelling need look no further." — Booklist

"An uncommonly vicious swashbuckling romp, absolutely entertaining and fantastically illustrated." — Library Journal (starred review)

"A good old-fashioned 18th-century pirate yarn filled with depravity, random violence, cruelty, and laughs. The story's cheerfully nihilistic approach may not be for all tastes, but it serves up a visceral satire for those that can stomach it." — Publishers Weekly

"Schrauwen is one of the most provocative creators in the world of comics today." — NPR Books


9" × 11"