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Ana Galvañ

Press Enter to Continue

On sale date: September 3, 2019

In her English language debut, Galvan utilizes swaths of electric and fluorescent colors to create a series of short comics stories that intertwine and explore the dehumanizing effects of contemporary society.

Galvan's characters navigate a candy-colored world of geometric energy. Departments of inhumane resources dehumanize the people it is purported to protect; information is determinedly mined like the gold of the 21st century that it is; induced suicidal thoughts are a tool to manage overpopulation. Like Black Mirror, Galvan's near future is less paranoid dystopia than it is a logical extension of things to come, where the malice of large corporations manifests in small, everyday ways.


"Dynamic and otherworldly, Press Enter confounds the boundaries of both comics and visual art to show a world where technology distorts both time and space." — Shelf Awareness

"This artistic import comic, like a season of Black Mirror, will unnerve as it puzzles its readers, leaving them wary of the world around them after reading." — Publishers Weekly

"Galvañ's work is a welcome expansion of the familiar but still-rich genre of hi-tech futures on the fritz." — PopMatters

"When read in sequence, the aggregated ambiguity and absurdity [of these stories] results in a sense of unease and eventually awe at Galvan~'s originality and technical expertise." — Library Journal


6.8" × 9.6"