The cover to Prince Valiant Vol. 25 1985-1986 by Foster, Murphy, and Murphy, featuring the title and author's names on a red banner separated by an illustration of the king with his sword to Prince Valiant's shoulder as if he is being knighted. Above the banner is an illustration of a ship in a storm at sea. Below the banner is an illustration of Prince Valiant standing to the right of the king, who sits at a round table with many knights.
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Hal Foster, John Cullen Murphy, Cullen Murphy

Prince Valiant Vol. 25: 1985-1986

On sale date: September 13, 2022

Fantagraphics is proud to present the 25th volume of one of the most enduring comic strips, based on Arthurian legend, ever created.
As this latest collection begins, Val and Arn are in Lappland, where they get involved with two twin brothers' struggle over succession. Arn consults a mystical hermit about whether his destiny intertwines with Maeve's, the daughter of an arch-enemy. With the sinister Mordred in control of Camelot, Val and Aleta seek to raise an army; this goal requires Val to capture a notorious outlaw, battle a troll, and find a hidden treasure. Arthur's forces come together at High Cross, and he wages an epic battle for the fate of Camelot, during which Arn becomes a knight of the round table. Also included, Prince Valiant writer Cullen Murphy and colorist Meg Murphy pay tribute to their mother, Joan, model for Aleta and other female characters for their father. Prince Valiant Vol. 25: 1985-1986 is part of the Prince Valiant series.


10.5" × 14.3"