The cover to Prince Valiant Volume 26 by Foster, Murphy, and Murphy. The title and author's names appear in a blue arch in the upper third of the cover. Surrounding the title are scenes from the series, such as dogs running, two characters on a ship, characters confronting some kind of creature with surprise, an older Asian man, and two characters kissing in front of a raised platform, surrounded by people, one of whom is holding the woman's train.
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Hal Foster, John Cullen Murphy, Cullen Murphy

Prince Valiant Vol. 26: 1987-1988

On sale date: January 31, 2023

Arn takes his wedding vows in a milestone Prince Valiant strip.

The most visually opulent comic strip in the history of the medium celebrates its 50th anniversary with the marriage of Prince Valiant's son. Val goes in search of a northern spice route, which leads him into adventures among the Balts, the Greeks, the Lapps, and the Chinese. A Trojan Horse deception in reverse nearly wipes out Val's expedition, and a dreamlike encounter north of Cathay involves Yeti and other strange creatures. Back in Britain, Arn's bride strikes a blow against chauvinism and liberates the women of the village of Orr to exercise their true potential.

Prince Valiant Vol. 26: 1987-1988 is part of the Prince Valiant series.


Full color
10.5" × 14.3"