The cover to Prince Valiant Vol. 28, featuring a series of panels from the series.
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Hal Foster, John Cullen Murphy, Cullen Murphy

Prince Valiant Vol. 28: 1991-1992

On sale date: June 11, 2024

The 28th volume of Fantagraphics’ ambitious reprinting of Hal Foster’s immortal masterpiece.

On a quest in the Asian lands of Cathay, Prince Valiant encounters a fire-breathing mechanical dragon and the legendary adventurer Prester John. Armies converge, mountains crumble, and a father and son are reunited. Mordred escapes imprisonment and treacherously stabs Arn, who learns that Maeve is soon to give birth. Val discovers a lost colony and wrestles with a tusked whale off the coast of Greenland, but a spell overcomes the expedition on the Isle of Lost Youth. Plus, an introduction by Turkish/German artist Ertugrul Edirne and behind the scenes of a heavy-metal interpretation of Prince Valiant.

Universally acclaimed as the most stunningly gorgeous adventure comic strip of all time, Prince Valiant ran for 35 years under the virtuoso pen of its creator, Hal Foster. Starring a daring and gallant young hero, the series features epic swordfights, elaborate scenes of pomp and pageantry, and breathless plotting that always leaves the reader wanting more. Fantagraphics’ deluxe editions, each collecting two years’ worth of Sunday strips, boast superbly restored artwork that captures every delicate line and chromatic nuance of Foster’s art.

Prince Valiant Vol. 28: 1991-1992 is part of the Prince Valiant series.


10.5" × 14.3"