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Johnny Ryan

Prison Pit: The Complete Collection

On sale date: August 4, 2020

This filthy meat-grinder of a comics space odyssey is collected in one massive volume!

Prison Pit is a planet full of repugnant intergalactic criminals, drug-filled slugs, and now Cannibal F***face (CF). From 2009 to 2018, the crudely manic pen and mind of Johnny Ryan documented the mayhem and mutation as CF loses his arm to a vile beast, replaces it with a symbiotic bug that gives him a steroid-like jolt, and seeks grisly revenge against any and all creatures that get in his way. To find his way out he must do battle with his arch-enemy Slitt, the only one who knows how to escape the hellscape they inhabit. Finally, CF is pitted against the very system that shaped him into the avatar of death and destruction he has become.

Prison Pit: The Complete Collection is part of the Prison Pit series.


"Prison Pit is incredibly gory, filled with weird alien nudity, insane antics, and brutal violence, all of it delivered under Ryan's wild and energetic pen." — Multiversity Comics

"Ryan forces us to stare into the abyss and to admit that it's also staring back." — Daily Grindhouse


Black and white
6.5" × 8.1"