The cover to Ready America by Anna Haifisch, featuring an illustration of a Denny's restaurant sign framed by six images of a dog sitting on a curve. Above the image are the words "Ready America" and a small logo reading, "Monterey Bay Lodge."
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Anna Haifisch

Ready America

On sale date: September 10, 2024

Dogs in colorful sweatshirts, the glowing signs of a Vietnamese fast-food restaurant, solitary palm trees above the pavement: Ready America takes us on a ride through a both strangely familiar and quite alien Los Angeles. Packaging inscriptions, neon signs, and billboards fuse into an appealing typographic montage while familiar American icons peek out between stores and offices, clinics, and morgues. With her unmistakable wit, Anna Haifisch highlights the idiosyncrasies of a country in which catastrophes seem just as ordinary as the sight of a coyote in the Hollywood Hills.

Ready America is part of the Fantagraphics Underground imprint.


Paperback / Softback
Full color.
9" × 11.75"