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Joe Daly

Red Monkey Double Happiness Book

On sale date: September 15, 2009

The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book is Joe Daly's sensational follow up to his debut short story collection Scrublands (a nominee for the 2007 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album). The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book is about the monkey-footed Dave and his freeloading friend Paul. Together they smoke weed, solve mysteries, engage in action, adventure, conspiracy theories and ask the big questions about life. In this full-color graphic novel, Daly expertly cartoons the Cape Town milieu, the wetlands that surround it, and the ethnically diverse oddballs who occupy it. The South African cartoonist brings a refreshingly original - and utterly hilarious - voice to the comics medium, a dry, deadpan wit anchored in everyday reality combined with outrageously deranged plots, rendered in a style that somehow successfully merges detailed representational drawing with bigfoot cartooning. The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book, which is sometimes noirish, often funny and always politically incorrect, is well-suited to older teens and adults.

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"Working with more colors than in anything in Scrublands (2009) and in a comic realist mode reminiscent of, say, the old TV series The Rockford Files (Daly’s Cape Town looks a lot like shorefront Southern California), Daly couldn’t be any more entertaining. His visual-narrative skills are impeccable, his ear for naturally funny dialogue nothing short of astounding." — Ray Olson, Booklist

"[A]mazing... Both stories are laid-back, funny, and entertaining. Daly is one of my favorite new talents in comics.... one of my top five comics to be released this year so far." — Paul Constant, The Stranger

"For my money, Daly is hilarious, with an ear for great dialog, a nice feel for the way characters and convertibles glide across the landscape of the comic page, and a zest for uniquely convoluted plots." — Steve Duin, The Oregonian

"The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book makes for pleasant midday reading, maybe perched somewhere outdoors in the sun with a glass of ginger ale at your side. Read it in a lazy mood, identify with the slacker characters, and speculate on whether you could solve demented mysteries as well as they could. (Answer: probably not.)" — Molly Young, We Love You So


Full color.
7.1" × 10.1"