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Red Room: Trigger Warnings #2 cover, featuring two figures wearing green and orange jack-o-lantern-style masks. One figure has dreads in pigtails with yellow polka dot bows and the other seems to be wearing a furry hood. Text reads, "Trigger Warnings. Red Room by Ed Piskor. Meet the Punkinz! The Hoodie Horror Issue!"
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Ed Piskor

Red Room: Trigger Warnings #2

On sale date: April 6, 2022

Hoodie Horror comes to Red Room! Introducing the Punkinz: two sociopathic, aspiring red roomers who quickly make a name on the scene with their amateur snuff films. Fueled by a mutual passion and talent for murder, the young couple aim to be the most notorious and wanted killers on the dark web... The second “season” of the hit series continues, from the pen of Ed Piskor, the Eisner Award winning creator of X-Men: Grand Design and Hip Hop Family Tree!

Red Room: Trigger Warnings #2 is part of the Red Room series.


6.6" × 10.3"