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Red Room: Trigger Warnings #4 cover, featuring eight people stacked on top of one another with their limbs, heads, and bodies at strange and unnatural angles. Next to them, a figure with a strange haircut and curly mustache stands in silhouette with a question mark on his torso. Above him is text reading, "Introducing Mr. NFT, the human taxidermist." Title text reads "Trigger Warnings #4. Red Room by Ed Piskor," with the stack of people covering up Piskor's full name.
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Ed Piskor

Red Room: Trigger Warnings #4

On sale date: June 22, 2022

Mr. NFT is the Banksy of Red Rooms. Billing himself as the “human taxidermist." his exhibitions command the attention of the richest and most exclusive patrons on the dark web. Problem is, it’s all an elaborate sting operation, and several of those snared are amongst the powerful in the world and will do anything to avoid exposure. Red Room wraps up its second "season" with its most shocking issue yet! From the creator of Hop Hop Family Tree and X-Men: Grand Design!

Red Room: Trigger Warnings #4 is part of the Red Room series.


6.6" × 10.3"