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Kim Deitch

Reincarnation Stories

On sale date: October 15, 2019

Legendary underground cartoonist Kim Deitch's magnum opus, a sprawling odyssey of reincarnation.

Deitch's quest to piece together the cosmic jigsaw puzzle of creation and reveal his past lives weaves through time and space, encompassing a dizzying array of oddball characters, including aspiring screenwriter Sidney Pincus, a tribe of moon-dwelling Native Americans, a feline YouTube star, a has-been silver screen cowboy, Frank Sinatra, and the awesome Monkey God! Featuring Deitch's surreal scenarios and eye-popping psychedelia, Reincarnation Stories is a gripping yarn and a cartooning tour de force.


"Kim Deitch, a mainstay of the underground comix movement, gives a full display of his ebullient creativity in his new book, Reincarnation Stories." — The New Yorker

"Reincarnation Stories goes flamboyantly off the rails, making a hash of narrative throughlines and pulverizing the divide between truth and fiction. Underneath the appearance of lawlessness, there's a huge amount of craft and care." — NPR Books

"Deitch has created one of the most complex, sprawling, strange and great ongoing works of American art — in any medium — of the last century. The latest volume in his universe is Reincarnation Stories, and it's one of his very best. At 75 years old, [Deitch] is creating more vibrant and exciting work than other graphic novelists half his age." — Chris Ware - The Guardian

"Deitch's latest — and most ambitious — graphic novel explodes with the full range of his visual styles." — The Paris Review

"Gloriously mad and bordering on nonsensical, this ribald Rubik's Cube of a book feels both like paean to 1960s alternative comix, which Deitch helped define, and gleefully ignorant of any tether whatsoever." — Publishers Weekly


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