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Basil Wolverton, Greg Sadowski

Scoop Scuttle and His Pals: The Crackpot Comics of Basil Wolverton

On sale date: June 1, 2021

Collects, for the first time, the complete adventures of four of the influential Mad magazine cartoonist's more arcane comics creations: Scoop Scuttle, Mystic Moot, Bingbang Buster, and Jumpin' Jupiter - restored, as they've never been seen before!

In this rip-roaring retrospective of the influential Mad magazine cartoonist, Basil Wolverton's often-warped imagination combines with his outlandishly wacky visual humor to fascinate and delight. It collects the ultra-rare treasures Scoop Scuttle, Mystic Moot, Bingbang Buster, and Jumpin' Jupiter - as they've never been seen before! Due to the rock-bottom printing methods of ten-cent comic books, Wolverton's intricate line work was routinely obscured, and often obliterated. In this collection, every effort has been made to restore the art to its original splendor, and to at last present the uniquely detailed graphics of this justly revered comic book master.


"Wolverton infused a humming, frenetic energy into his Scoop Scuttle stories. There is much enjoyment and some enlightenment to gain from these stories, as a more complete picture of Wolverton emerges in which it becomes clear he was one of the most gifted, inspired, and resilient screwball artists (in any medium) of his time." — The Comics Journal

"A legitimately uproarious collection or little-seen early Wolverton humor strips. ... If there's not enough fun stuff in your current reading pile, picking this up will surely rectify that situation immediately." — Four Color Apocalypse

"There have been few artists in the history of American comics who've combined Basil Wolverton's sheer manic energy with such a natural talent for the grotesque and an endless wellspring of rhymes and puns." — Slings & Arrows

"A comprehensive and essential Wolverton edition, not simply for fans of this influential cartoonist but also as a vital and painstakingly researched record of comics history." — Broken Frontier


Paperback / Softback
8.1" × 10.5"