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Ho Che Anderson

Scream Queen

On sale date: June 17, 2005

Following his landmark King, Anderson turns his attention to fiction in this harrowing tale of sex, depravity and overdue retribution. Expressionistic graphics and mastery of form are employed to chilling effect.

A woman driving alone through the desert picks up a younger woman whose car has broken down on the side of the road. Later at the younger woman's job, the two ladies chat, revealing bits and pieces of their lives. After this meeting, the older woman leaves for an appointment with a man. She arrives at his apartment where he's having sex with a woman. The woman confronts him. Turns out she's the living dead, come to bring the man to the other side. Scream Queen marks the first book by Ho Che Anderson since his landmark graphic novel, King, a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. Scream Queen represents a marked departure from King, being a much shorter work of genre fiction, but employing a similar graphic sensibility and mastery of form to chilling effect.

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Paperback / Softback
Black and white.
10.1" × 10"