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Atsushi Kaneko, Osamu Tezuka, Translator: Ben Applegate

Search and Destroy Vol. 2

On sale date: March 4, 2025

The second volume in manga creator Atsushi Kaneko’s cyberpunk retelling of the timeless, Eisner Award–winning Dororo by “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka.

Hyaku has been betrayed. A fearsome killer, her body more machine than flesh, she has learned the truth: Her human body parts were bartered away when she was a baby, and what remained was left for dead. Filled with incandescent rage, Hyaku embarks on a vengeful rampage to dismantle the monsters who took her apart and violently reclaim what she has lost. But as she replaces her cybernetic implants with the flesh and blood she has been denied, a new emotion sets in: fear. Fear that her human body will be too weak to finish what she started — and fear of what she might learn next about her own past. Will her anger and ruthlessness be enough to propel her to the final showdown? Or will revelations about the depravity of her world consume her, along with everyone around her?

Originally serialized from 2019–2021 in the Japanese manga monthly TezuComi, Search and Destroy is a brilliantly-crafted thriller about an outsider looking for meaning and vengeance in the unjust world that took everything away from her. Kaneko populates a stunning, high-contrast setting that echoes the post–Cold War former Soviet Block as much as it does Tokyo, with an unforgettable cast of scrappy heroes and skin-crawling machine-monsters on a nonstop ride full of action and suspense. This authorized retelling updates the rebellious '60s spirit of the original Dororo to the equally tumultuous 2020s, mixing Tezuka's signature dark yet playful storytelling sense with Kaneko's own wide range of influences which include Western cartoonists like Daniel Clowes and Charles Burns as well as filmmakers like David Lynch. The result is not only one of the best sci-fi manga of recent years but also one of the most visually rich and distinctive works of graphic storytelling in any genre or language.

Please note: This book is a traditional work of manga and reads back to front and right to left.


"Kaneko reimagines Tezuka's 1960s epic fantasy saga Dororo as a gritty, fast-paced cyberpunk thriller ... Kaneko retains Tezuka's relentless pacing, flair for melodrama, and thematic focus on justice, corruption, and individuality within an oppressive society, while integrating elements of body horror and an increased focus on the unsustainability of societies where vital resources are controlled by a thriving minority, to the detriment of the masses." — Library Journal Starred Review

"It's a blast of pure cyberpunk energy." — Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Search and Destroy grabs you by the throat with its opening chapter and never lets go." — Multiversity Comics


Paperback / Softback
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