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Chloé Wary

Season of the Roses

On sale date: March 25, 2025

Dazzling to the eye, Season of the Roses is at once a deeply felt coming-of-age story and an inspirational rallying cry for young women living in a man’s world.

Barbara has big goals. As the fiery captain of her U19 soccer team, the Rosigny Roses, she’s determined to win a championship before graduating high school and leaving the grungy Parisian suburbs in the dust. So when her club threatens to divert their funding to the men’s team and forfeit their season, she’s devastated. Banding together, the Roses come up with a longshot plan — battle the men’s team in a winner-takes-all match. Do Barbara and the Roses have what it takes to save their season?

Inspired by the author’s experiences, Season of the Roses is an authentic portrayal of a teenager at a crossroads. Her dazzling illustrations, drawn in colorful felt-tip pens, encompass the thrills of playing soccer as well as the angst of navigating life off the field. In Season of the Roses, soccer isn't just a game — it’s all about self-discovery, making bold choices, and standing up to sexism and injustice.


"Chloé Wary’s comics are all about female empowerment." — It’s Nice That

"A graphic novel full of colors and energy, a thousand miles from the clichés associated with femininity or life in the suburbs." — Telerama


6.7" × 9.5"