The cover to the Seeds and Stems reprint, featuring a melting Megg trapped in a pill bottle. A prescription-style label features the price, title, and author's name, as well as text reading, "contains never-before-collected and rare Megg and Mogg material, culled from obscure zines, famous magazines, foreign anthologies, and various other outlets. No refills. Use before 8/11/20. Stop use if impaired by existential dread and/or despair," as well as a blurb from the Library Journal.
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Simon Hanselmann

Seeds And Stems

On sale date: August 11, 2020

A spectacular omnibus of never-before-collected Megg, Mogg & Owl short comics, and more!

In 2016, Hanselmann began producing Xeroxed zines starring the depressive Megg (a green-skinned witch), her abusive boyfriend Mogg (an actual cat), their submissive roommate Owl (a vaguely humanoid owl), and the self-destructively hedonistic Werewolf Jones (half human, half wolf) in print runs of 300 to 500 copies, with hand-painted covers, custom stamps and hologram security stickers. Seeds and Stems collects all of these out-of-print, self-published stories produced by the artist between 2016-2019, along with a generous smattering of rarities from various anthologies and magazines. Megg and Mogg and friends explore the worlds of lucid dreaming, banking scams, cinema, mixed drinks, alien invasions, and budget vasectomies in this varied collection of rare and often experimental adventures, designed and curated entirely by the artist.

Seeds And Stems is part of the Megg, Mogg, & Owl series.


"One of the most gifted cartoonists alive." — The A.V. Club

"Hilarious, upsetting, and thoroughly brilliant, this collection proves once and for all that there's not another living cartoonist as brazenly funny or unflinchingly weird or insightful about mental illness as Hanselmann." — Library Journal

"If you like your comedy black, profane and outrageous, you've probably already encountered Hanselmann's twisted tales of Meg, Mogg, Owl and Werewolf Jones or should want to soon." — Forbes

"These are simultaneously some of the meanest and most tender comics you will ever read." — Seattle Weekly

"Megg, Mogg, and Owl is a soap opera. It's a sitcom. It's a black comedy about drug addiction. ... There's a voyeuristic quality to it—like watching a car crash. But it's also hard not to root for this out-of-control crew. I want them to win." — Portland Mercury


Paperback / Softback
Black and white with some color.
5.6" × 7.6"