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Matt Danner, Tony Millionaire

Sock Monkey Into The Deep Woods

On sale date: November 16, 2014

In this all new, all-ages Sock Monkey storybook, our heroes have to save their human from a monster.

The precocious sock monkey Uncle Gabby, his innocent pal Mr. Crow, and their tiny doll-friend, Inches, are the heroes of this funny, unsettling and all-new Sock Monkey storybook. Convinced that their human, Ann-Louise, has been kidnapped by a vicious monster dubbed the Amarok, our heroes bravely venture into the Haunted Woods to rescue her. The epic quest that follows takes them by sea, land, and air through many fantastic lands and introduces a cast of fanciful characters and creatures including the Trumbernick (the pixie shaman of the forest), a giant sea monster, the Guardsmen of Bear Town, and a flock of flying harpies. Beloved by adults and children, Sock Monkey harkens back to all-ages fantasy / adventure as The Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland.


"One of the joys of the Sock Monkey books is seeing Millionaire test the surprising versatility of his material and the range of formats it works within… They're weird, engrossing, yet brilliant stories…" — Zainab Akhtar - ComicsAlliance

"Anyone who has a reason to read an action-packed prose story to excitable young kids should pick up Sock Monkey Into the Deep Woods. … It's one dynamic adventure after the next, all thrilling hijinks and delightful design, as Millionaire and Danner take their characters through a thrilling story that reads like a long-lost early twentieth-century kids novel full of danger, excitement, exotic creatures and steadfast heroes. It's tremendous fun for all ages, with about two dozen wonderful illustrations by Millionaire to keep your kids grounded in reality as they read this imaginative, delightful tale." — Jason Sacks - Comics Bulletin

"Compelling, beguiling and visually intoxicating, this latest Sock Monkey yarn judiciously leavens discovery with anxiety, heartbreak with gleeful imaginative innocence and terror with bold triumph." — Win Wiacek - Now Read This!


Black and white.
6.3" × 9.3"