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Charles Glaubitz

Starseeds 2

On sale date: February 5, 2019

This is the sequel to the multimedia New Age sci-fi illuminati graphic novel.

Multimedia artist Charles Glaubitz delivers the sequel to 2017's acclaimed Starseeds, a work of pictorial, illustrative, and cosmological components, while combining elements of myth, religion, and spirituality with comics, hermetic ideas, alchemy and science. After receiving the message in the water infused with the crystal sigil, Renato shares what has been prophesied. Indigo is infected by a black darkness that will soon overtake his soul. The Illuminatis regroup and set forth a new plan. We are introduced to new characters, such as he Rainbow Twins. The prophecy of the seven Starseeds comes to pass and a new being is created that will face off with the coming Black Darkness of the Lizard King. Renato recounts the story of the Big Bang and the birth of the four cosmic god forces that govern and shape our universe. Starseeds is an epic journey, by turns fantastical, mythological, and visually arresting.


"This clever mash-up of science, fantasy, conspiracy, and religion has all four elements colliding off of each other even as they meld together into something that is either beyond comprehension or that is physically manifested by this volume. " — Publishers Weekly

"If Jack Kirby was resurrected and set about writing a sacred text after dropping acid, this is what that might look like." — The Beat


7.8" × 10.3"