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Tardi, Jean Pierre Verney

Tardi's WWI: It Was The War Of The Trenches/Goddamn This War Gift Box Set

On sale date: October 18, 2014

To commemorate WWI's 100th anniversary, Fantagraphics is collecting two of award-winner Tardi's WWI graphic novels in a box set.

Jacques Tardi is responsible for two acknowledged graphic novel masterpieces about World War I: It Was the War of the Trenches and Goddamn This War! To honor the 100th anniversary in 2014 of WWI, Fantagraphics is proud to release a two-volume boxed set collecting these two perennial classics. The first book, It Was the War of the Trenches, focuses on the day to day of the grunts in the trenches, bringing that existence alive as no one has before or since with some of his most stunning artwork. His second WWI masterwork, Goddamn This War!, is told with a sustained sense of outrage, pitch-black gallows humor, and impeccably scrupulous historical exactitude, in masterful full color.


"…Tardi's WWI… brings together the great French cartoonist's two incroyable masterpieces of the first war..." — Rachel Cooke - The Guardian

"...It Was the War of the Trenches... is one of the most passionately bleak works in the history of comics. Tardi is unremitting in his focus on the small, human details of the catastrophe ... Goddamn This War!... bring[s] a surprising beauty to the horrors it depicts." — Gabriel Winslow-Yost - The New York Review of Books


Partial color
8.6" × 11.2"