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Al Williamson, Dr. Michael J. Vassallo

The Atlas Artist Edition No. 2: Al Williamson "The City That Time Forgot" And Other Stories

On sale date: October 8, 2024

The second volume in Fantagraphics’ series of lavish, over-sized volumes collecting the best work of single artists for the pre-superhero 1950s Marvel Comics, spotlighting industry stalwart Al Williamson (EC Comics, Star Wars, Flash Gordon).

Becoming a professional comics artist in 1948 at the age of 17, by 21 Al Williamson was well-regarded enough as a Western and science-fiction illustrator to be recruited for the EC Comics staff roster - the absolute peak of the field in the 1950s, and a team rarely challenged since. After the Comics Code forced EC to reduce their business, Williamson found himself at the door of Atlas Comics, the largest employer of freelancers in the field.

Across two short periods in 1955-57 and 1959-60, Williamson would draw 99 stories for Atlas (both solo and with help by "Fleagle Gang" studio cohorts Angelo Torres and Roy Krenkel, plus Gray Morrow and Ralph Mayo) in mostly western and fantasy genres, with a smattering of war, romance and "jungle girl adventure". He flourished on Westerns, freely and loosely rendered four-page morality plays, many scripted economically by Stan Lee. With his extensive oeuvre subsequently based mostly in newspaper strip material (including Flash Gordon, Secret Agent Corrigan, and the syndicated Star Wars, at George Lucas' own request), or working largely as an inker, his Atlas stories collectively are the largest single body of work Williamson would ever do as a primary creator for one company.

Fantagraphics is proud to present this Al Williamson Artist Edition to finally showcase this distinct period of his remarkable career.

The Atlas Artist Edition No. 2: Al Williamson "The City That Time Forgot" And Other Stories is part of the Atlas Comics series.


10.1" × 13.8"