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Tommi Musturi, Translator: Pauliina Haasjoki

The Book Of Hope

On sale date: February 1, 2016

This clear-line, saturated-color graphic novel introduces a Finnish master of the medium.

In a way that only the medium of comics can, The Book of Hope slows the reader down to the rhythms of the silent life of a retired couple living in a rural countryside. Behind the static, routine moments of everyday life something bigger takes shape. A flash of encroaching death starts to consume the husband, leading to visions and questions. This graphic novel from cartoonist Tommi Musturi is a thoughtful exploration of the human condition, and the series of mostly quotidian moments that make up most of our lives. The strong presence of silence and nature reflect the arctic exotica of Musturi’s native Finland, but with a relatability, eloquence, and economy that will remind American readers of Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan. The Book of Hope is a humane book filled with timeless humor and life itself.


“Spellbinding.” — Booklist

“The Book of Hope is... filled with weird jokes, funny cartoon gags, and surprisingly poignant observations on aging, death, and—yes—hope. ... The illustrations are beautiful, and without trying to spoil anything, the later chapters more than live up to the name of the book. It's a nice, off-kilter story about what happens when you let hope into the darkness that life can seem to hold.” — Ryan E.C. Hamm - Under the Radar

“Finnish cartoonist Tommi Musturi creates charmingly beautiful illustrations while maintaining a virile sense of humor, sarcasm, and oddity.” — Roderick Ruth - Comicosity


9.3" × 7.2"