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Garth Stein, Matthew Southworth

The Cloven: Book One

On sale date: July 28, 2020

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Art of Racing in the Rain and the co-creator of Stumptown, now a hit series on ABC TV, team up for an action-packed coming of age story about a mutant from the Pacific Northwest.

The Cloven Book One stars James Tucker, the most successful Genetically Modified Human Organism ever created. Conceived in a privately financed, top-secret laboratory on Washington state's Vashon Island, Tucker is a cross between a human and a goat — a Cloven. Known to his friends as "Tuck," all he wants is to live a normal life as a university student; everything is going fine, until he shows a girl his hooves… Moody and mysterious and atmospheric as a fever dream, The Cloven Book One follows Tuck's breakneck journey across the Pacific Northwest as he searches for his true home out there somewhere. Book One of a raucous, funny, fast-moving, and dynamic series of graphic novels by two bestselling and critically acclaimed storytellers.

The Cloven Book One features a special full-color four page fold-out spread.

Orders of The Cloven include a unique bookplate signed by both authors while supplies last!


"Filled with action and intrigue and Southworth's cinematically-inspired artwork, one can feel the joy and excitement fairly leaping off the page." — Starburst Magazine

"The Cloven is a daring graphic novel that casts light on a dark fictional world, full of stories yet to be told." — Foreword Reviews

"An oddball mash-up of science fiction, horror, action, and coming-of-age story, this unusual collaboration stands out from the crowd of similar superpowered mutants bucking the system." — Publishers Weekly

"A tense and disorienting (by intent) page-turner of a story, one that expertly spans lanes between more literary comics and the action-heavy monthly fair." — Comics Bookcase

"The evocative, unsettling world building is nicely matched by the shadowy artwork. The inky black silhouettes of the towering conifers and looming mountains of the Pacific Northwest, set against warm, saturated, watercolor-wash backgrounds of peachy sunsets, violet dusk, and bright-yellow artificial light are particularly striking." — Booklist


8.3" × 10.6"