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Michael Dean, Kristy Valenti, Gary Groth

The Comics Journal #291

On sale date: July 17, 2008

Tim Sale talks Heroes and his stylized takes on mainstream superheroes; Josh Simmons talks about his work and life in a sex circus; Gary Groth on Ralh Steadman and Hunter S. Thompson; vintage comics from Flintstones co-creator Dan Gordon; more!

The Comics Journal #291 features your regularly scheduled dose of funnybook diversity and critical acumen. This issue’s all over the place, folks. Check it out:

• An interview with Batman: The Long Halloween artist and Heroes illustrator Tim Sale. • A conversation with House/Jessica Farm author Josh Simmons. • Gary Groth’s comprehensive review of the new Ralph Steadman memoir, The Joke’s Over: Bruised Memories: Gonzo, Hunter S. Thompson, and Me. • William Stout offers a personal remembrance of his longtime friend, Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens. • Tom Crippen examines the career of Howard the Duck creator Steve Gerber. • A generous selection of humor and funny-animal comics by Flintstones mastermind Dan Gordon. • John A. Lent looks at the growing market for comics in the Middle East. • A color preview of Danica Novgorodoff’s new graphic novel, Slow Storm

Dig in and enjoy!

The Comics Journal #291 is part of the The Comics Journal series.
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