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Michael Dean, Kristy Valenti, Gary Groth

The Comics Journal #295

On sale date: February 15, 2009

Brian K. Vaughan on Y: The Last Man, Lost, Ex Machina and more; Paul Karasik interviews Gipi; John Kerschbaum talks brutality. Should superheroes come out of the closet? Reviews of Zot!, Kirby: King of Comics, and more!

The Comics Journal #295 is chock full of all the comicky goodness that you’ve come to expect from our fine publication! Check it out:

• Sean T. Collins interviews writer Brian K. Vaughan about Y the Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, Pride of Baghdad, how a career in comics led him to writing for the hit television series Lost, and much, much more. • Paul Karasik presents a conversation with Italian cartoonist Gipi, who talks about Garage Band, Notes for a War Story, the Ignatz books and how he narrowly avoided a life of crime. • Rob Clough offers us a chat with humor cartoonist John Kerschbaum, covering everything from The Wiggly Reader to Pete & Pussy to why he couldn’t figure out why his first editors hated him so much. • Michael Dean examines the page rates paid by the Best American Comics anthology series. • Noah Berlatsky digs into the comic-book closet and finds out what’s hiding back there. • R.C. Harvey examines the life of Flash Gordon/Rip Kirby creator Alex Raymond. • Our comics section this issue: Charles A. Voight’s short-lived newspaper strip The Theorist, in its entirety.

The Comics Journal #295 — around the comics world in 208 pages! Don’t miss it.

The Comics Journal #295 is part of the The Comics Journal series.
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