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Guido Crepax, Translator: Micol Arianna Beltramini

The Complete Crepax: City Stories: Volume 9

On sale date: December 10, 2024

In this latest collection from Italian comics master Guido Crepax, Valentina embarks on more exotic adventures — some featured in full color — and we’re introduced to a new heroine, Anita, who consumes her home electronics … in a very unusual way!

These erotic comics stories, spanning 1974–1991, feature Valentina taking the subway—but what begins as an ordinary trip soon becomes a fantastical journey, with familiar characters cameoing along the way. Then, in a giallo-inspired tale, fashion photographer Valentina’s models keep turning up dead. Could she be the murderer? In “Time Out” (1991), she’s once again stalked by a Subterranean … but what is its mission? The rest of this collection introduces a new heroine, Anita, who lives (and dies) for TV! Every flip of the channel has a new genre for her (and Crepax) to insert herself in. And in “Input Anita,” Crepax plays with the idea of bringing your work home with you. “Data entry” has never been so sexy (and a little sinister too).


Black-and-white and color
10.2" × 13.4"