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Charles M. Schulz, Al Roker

The Complete Peanuts 1979-1980: Vol. 15 Paperback Edition

On sale date: July 27, 2021

The third decade of the Peanuts newspaper strip kicks off with a number of classic storylines! The 1980s are here, which means Peppermint Patty is trying out new hairdos and Charlie Brown's ill in the hospital (Or is he dead? Nobody's told him yet!)

In this volume, Woodstock leads the Scout Troop on an eventful trek and Snoopy is still trying on identities left and right, including the "world-famous" surveyor, census taker, and riverboat gambler! In other extended stories, Snoopy launches an ill-fated airline (with Lucy as agent, Linus as luggage handler, and Marcie as flight attendant), and Peppermint Patty responds to a leaky fan by hiring a lawyer (there's Snoopy again). Plus, one of the great, forgotten romances of Peanuts that will startle even long-time connoisseurs: Peppermint Patty and ... Pig Pen!

The Complete Peanuts is the publishing project that launched a renaissance in comic strip publishing and the only place Charles M. Schulz's classic has ever been collected in its entirety. Featuring impeccable production values, this series presents the entire run in chronological order, dailies and Sundays, two years per volume, with supplementary materials.

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The Complete Peanuts 1979-1980: Vol. 15 Paperback Edition is part of the The Complete Peanuts Softcover series.


"A must-have addition to the collection of any fan of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the whole gang. " — Seattle Book Review


Paperback / Softback
Black and white.
8.3" × 6.6"