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Charles M. Schulz, Garry Trudeau

The Complete Peanuts 1987-1988: Vol. 19 Paperback Edition

On sale date: July 25, 2023

In the 19th volume of The Complete Peanuts, uproariously inept flirtations abound!

In this latest paperback volume of Peanuts, romance is in the air: Charlie Brown’s flirtatious winking in class sends him to the school nurse, Linus’s attempts to woo “Lydia” of the many names are met with mockery — and Peppermint Patty and Marcie’s fierce quarrel over which one of them “Charles” likes the best. Other storylines include Snoopy’s stay in the hospital for a hockey-related knee injury — until everyone realizes that dogs don’t have knees, Patty’s campaign to be her school’s “May Queen,” Sally’s rocky career as a playwright, and Snoopy’s “kiss-and-tell” book. Plus, fan-favorites Lucy, Rerun, Spike... and Snoopy’s feathered Beagle Scouts!

The Complete Peanuts is the publishing project that launched a renaissance in comic strip publishing and the only place Charles M. Schulz’s classic has ever been collected in its entirety. Featuring impeccable production values, each volume of this series features two successive years of newspaper strips (dailies and Sundays), plus bonus material such as celebrity introductions, interviews, and a brief biography of Schulz himself.

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The Complete Peanuts 1987-1988: Vol. 19 Paperback Edition is part of the The Complete Peanuts Softcover series.


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