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Charles M. Schulz

The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994: Vol. 22 Hardcover Edition

On sale date: November 16, 2014

Charlie Brown hits a home run and Linus tries to get Snoopy a Supreme Court seat in the 22nd volume ('93-'94) of The Complete Peanuts.

Even the most devoted Peanuts fan will be surprised by revisiting Schulz's last decade of work. Schulz's cartooning has never been more expressive, and his sense of humor never more unencumbered by formula or tradition. In one sequence, the gang waits… and waits… for a school bus that never comes. Another shockingly showcases Charlie Brown hitting a game-winning home run — off Roy Hobbs' great-granddaughter? Then, Linus lobbies the White House to nominate Snoopy for a Supreme Court seat (it would go to Ruth Bader Ginsburg). Woodstock discovers his long-lost grandfather's diary, detailing a hard life in captivity (birdcage). Snoopy lands in the hospital with pneumonia, and all three of his brothers — Andy, Spike, and Olaf — come pay their respects. This is the 22nd volume (of 25) of the bestselling series collecting every single one of the 18,000-plus strips created by Schulz from 1950-2000.

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The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994: Vol. 22 Hardcover Edition is part of the The Complete Peanuts Hardcover series.


"I am genuinely thrilled that this series has reached the 1990s, which I consider one of Charles Schulz's artistic peaks, with his poignantly shaky line and boldly irreverent storylines invigorating the timeless strip." — Jake Austen - Chicago Tribune

"Schulz's cartooning is still excellent here, the facial expressions telling, the choreography of his characters elegant. … In this latest collection it's pure pleasure to savor a true master writing and drawing a few years before his death. Schulz's work didn't decline — the culture simply sped up and forgot to look back." — Dana Jennings - The New York Times

"These timeless strips are sure to bring a smile to your face….If you could use a relaxing, funny way to end the day, The Complete Peanuts 1993 to 1994 makes for good bedtime reading!" — Glenn Perrett - Metroland Media

"The volume covering 1993 and 1994 still has plenty of good ideas and great gags. Schulz is at his best when doing stories about baseball. It's Charlie Brown at his purest, as an idealist and optimist who never stops trying, no matter how many times he's failed. ... The strips set at camp are always strong, but the series where Snoopy's in the hospital were unusually touching." — Rob Clough - High-Low


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