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Charles M. Schulz,

The Complete Peanuts 1995-1996: Vol. 23 Hardcover Edition

On sale date: July 4, 2015

This is the twenty-third (out of twenty-five) volume of the New York Times best-selling series that collects every single one of the 18,000-plus Peanuts comic strips; it will coincide with a new feature film.

In The Complete Peanuts: 1995-1996 (Vol. 23), Charlie Brown starts taking dancing classes ... and is asked to the sweetheart ball! The World Famous Attorney handles some tough cases ... Rerun wants Snoopy to come out and play ... and Linus hears coyotes howling at night. Even the most devoted Peanuts fan will be surprised when they revisit Schulz's last decade of work on the most beloved comic strip of all time. Schulz's cartooning has never been more expressive, and his sense of humor never more unencumbered by formula or tradition.

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The Complete Peanuts 1995-1996: Vol. 23 Hardcover Edition is part of the The Complete Peanuts Hardcover series.


"The lines may be a little shaky at times, but the writing and humor are still sharp and hilarious, and the drawing remains a case study in casual simplicity that is much harder than it looks. ...[T]here's hardly a page in this book that didn't make me laugh or at least smile. What a remarkable achievement. Highly recommended." — Todd Klein (Eisner Award-winning letterer and designer)

"More and more, it became difficult to predict the strip on a daily basis. It frequently got weird..." — Rob Clough - High-Low


Black and white
8.6" × 6.8"