The EC Artists Library Slipcase Vol. 4 cover, featuring illustrations of a skeleton in a cloak and a woman screaming with her hands on either side of her head. The cover also features the EC logo and the words "Graham Ingels, Horror" and "Jack Kamen, Suspense." The books inside the slipcase are seen from the side, and include Grave Business, Forty Whacks, High Cost of Dying, and The Living Mummy.
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Jack Davis, Graham Ingels, Jack Kamen, Reed Crandall

The EC Artists Library Slipcase Vol. 4

On sale date: October 29, 2019

This is a boxed set collection of 1950s EC horror comics.

A boxed set of four great books in our acclaimed Fantagraphics EC Comics Library, which collects the best comics of the 1950s. Featured are: Graham Ingels's Grave Business, Jack Kamen's Forty Whacks, Reed Crandall's The High Cost of Dying, and Jack Davis's The Living Mummy. Collectively, that's more than 100 stories and more than 800 pages. Plus bonus features and insightful commentary from EC scholars. A great gift for the person in your life who's into great comic art and gripping storytelling!

The EC Artists Library Slipcase Vol. 4 is part of the The EC Artists' Library series.
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Black and white.
7.5" × 10.6"