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Paco Roca, Translator: Andrea Rosenberg

The House

On sale date: November 5, 2019

In this graphic novel by the internationally acclaimed, award-winning Wrinkles cartoonist, three adult siblings relive old conflicts as they clear out the family vacation home after their father's death.

The graphic novel The House is at once deeply personal (dedicated to Roca's own deceased father) and entirely universal. Three adult siblings return to their family's vacation home a year after their father's death. They each bring their respective wives, husbands, and children with the intention to clean up the residence and put it on the market. But, as garbage is hauled off and dust is wiped away, decades-old resentments quickly fill the vacant home. Roca asks what happens to brothers and sisters when the only person holding the family together is now gone.


"Roca examines grief as an overstuffed house that the bereaved must restore, rebuild, and, ultimately, let go in this touching and pensive ensemble cast graphic novel." — Publishers Weekly

"A melancholy and deeply sympathetic meditation on sibling dynamics and the role memory plays in the grieving process." — Library Journal

"A study of the complex relationships of family and the ties that bind from a storyteller whose powerful depiction of human frailties is both haunting and ever recognisable." — Broken Frontier

"A moving exploration of family dynamics in the face of loss. Roca's illustrations bring it to a whole other level and make The House the gorgeous piece of art that it is." — Book Riot


9.8" × 7.3"