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Steven Weissman, Sam Henderson

The Kid Firechief

On sale date: August 17, 2004

Meet Olaf Oedwards, the youngest and bestest firechief ever!!! Even though he's just a poor orphaned boy, it's a well-known fact that there's no greater firefighter than Olaf Oedwards, a.k.a. "Kid Firechief"! And if you've ever wondered what would happen if the greatest firechief of all-time fought one of the greatest fires of all-time, you'll find the answer here in this charming graphic novel for children of all ages. Join Olaf and his assistant chief (and guardian) Smoky Joe, as they put out fires all over the city and forests of Milltown and as far as... Ancient Rome?!? This humorous adventure romp features a cast of characters that will delight children of all ages, including the infant rappers D.J. Diaper and M.C. Nu-Born ("This li'l piggy kept it real/while this li'l piggy was chillin'/This li'l piggy said 'Talk to the hand'/while this li'l piggy was illin'"), local school reporter "Nosy" Rosie Cheeks, Olaf's arch-nemesis Hotfoot, and Olaf's forest ranger cousin, Oella Oedwards! Weissman's charming and respectful approach to his child characters has been compared to the work of Charles M. Schulz and Little Lulu's John Stanley. He mixes an absurdist sense of humor with very human emotion to create a deceptively simple and very charming book. Told in fiery orange two-toned effect!


Paperback / Softback
6.1" × 8"