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Lilli Carré

The Lagoon

On sale date: December 17, 2008

A family is seduced by a siren song emanating from the lagoon after dark as it reverberates through weedy waters, eventually escaping the lagoon to creep into their windows at night, in this haunting, lyrical graphic novel debut.

A family is seduced by a mysterious creature's siren song that can be heard emanating from the lagoon after dark in talented young cartoonist Lilli Carré’s first long-form work, and how each member reacts to the song in The Lagoon is the crux of the story. For the wise—or pixilated—Grandpa, the song reminds him that, in the time he has left, he must pause to respect, appreciate, and fear nature. The song hints at something that Zoey, the daughter, is too young to fully grasp. And the song lures the sexually frustrated mother, and eventually, her husband, into danger...

Carré experimented with nib pens and brushes while drawing this black-and-white graphic novel, giving the art a different feel from her previous, Eisner-and-Harvey-Award-nominated story, Tales of Woodsman Pete. The Lagoon was influenced by the films Creature from the Black Lagoon and Night of the Hunter, but reads more like the gothic, family narratives of Flannery O’Connor or Carson McCullers. Rhythms—Grandpa’s taps, the ticking of a metronome—are punctuated by silences that pace this “sound”-driven story. Older teen and adult readers are invited to imagine the enigmatic creature’s haunting, ever-shifting tune as it reverberates through weedy waters, eventually escaping the lagoon to creep into windows at night.

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"This slim volume packs abundant energy and demands regular revisiting." — Francisca Goldsmith - Booklist

"Simultaneously matter of fact and otherworldly." — Kate Fitzsimons - Publishers Weekly

"Carré’s book suggest a sonata of melodic lines and flowing-panel rhythms, with just a hint of sexual menace." — Richard Gehr - The Village Voice

"An odd yet enchanting story…guaranteed to haunt you well after reading." — Pedro Cabzuelo

"Cryptic and metaphorical, a mystery that we are not invited to the core of—but the mood the book brings with it lingers on." — John E. Mitchell - North Adams Transcript


Black and white.
6.8" × 9.6"